Fitting and component

Insusox® air duct consists of a variety of fittings and component, it can be applied into all air duct fields of A/C system, including inlet, air damper, end cap, internal components, air vents, air dispersion duct and air return duct, etc. 

Inlet connection

Connect with metal outlet,quickly fix by special fastener, easy dismantle.

Zipper connection

Fittings are connected via zippers. patented double sealing technology is used to prevent air leakage.

End cap

Connect with duct via zipper

Fabric diffuser

Connect with metal outlet,quickly fix by special fastener,easy dismantle.


Center-line radius is 1.5 times of diameter


For connection of duct with different diameter


Deliver the airflow to branch duct perpendicular to main duct.

Special fittings

Y-inlet,square to round inlet,elbow inlet

ACD(air control device)

Exclusively-patented ACD. One end connects to duct via zipper, control airflow by adjusting the openness on the other end.

Wall acrossing section

Special rigid collar is introduced to seal the gap between the duct and the wall. connect with Insusox duct via zipper on both side.

Adjustable nozzle

Exclusively patented adjustable nozzle is able to adjust air throw angle to meet demands in different application.

Fabric nozzle

Exclusively patented fabric nozzle, adjust air throw angle to meet demands in different application.


It's a brand new fabric diffuser for applications in spaces with false ceiling.There are plane surface and cambered surface for options.with the utilization of exclusively-owned patented technology,Diffusox® presents even air dispersion, better visual appearance and easy maintenance. Certainly, Insusox® is able to co-work with traditional metal diffuser as well.

Durkeesox fabric duct

In the large and high space without ceiling, Durkeesox fabric duct is the optimum option. DurkeeSox fabric air duct utilize PFPC (Precise Fabric Permeability Control) technology to match and cooperate with A/C system via accurate fabric permeability calculation and precisely-designed orifices. It’s a flexible air dispersion end system replacing traditional air dispersion duct, air outlet and insulation material, which we call fabric air dispersion system.


Made of high-strength nano-alloy material, ReturnSox utilize exclusively-owned patented internal support frame to maintain the flexible air duct in rectangle shape and return air under negative pressure, matching with air vents and air dampers and replacing traditional return air duct with on-site cable suspension.High strength, visual pleasing, light weight, easy and quick installation as finished product, the exclusively-owned patented support frame effectively withstands the negative pressure inside flexible fabric air duct and fulfill the demand of air return and air exhaust.