Insusox® Application in badminton & table tennis center

2016-04-06 08:47:30


As a large-scale table tennis and badminton training center, Weihai Sports Center has a table tennis stadium with area of 5500 square meters and a badminton stadium with area of 5300 square meter, accommodating 300 people for training. Traditional air duct discharge air via dozens of air outlets, bringing uneven and uncomfortable air dispersion. Besides, the high terminal air velocity might change the motion trail, affecting training and match. Insusox? is designed for air delivery to work with DurkeeSox air dispersion system. In daily design, Insusox is designed as main duct while DurkeeSox serves as branch duct to discharge air via orifices along the duct. Even though the air throw distance amounts to 80m, the system brings even and comfortable air dispersion without any temperature difference. All cooling capacity and airflow are evenly distributed into sports center via orifices along the duct, fulfilling the air dispersion standards of international table-tennis and badminton match field.