The storm of Durkee’s world seminar Tour 2016 has landed Malaysia

2016-04-06 09:37:13

In 2014–2015, Malaysia was one of the most economic competitive country in Asia, ranking 6th in Asia and 20th in the world. Consequently, Kuala Lumpur was flagged as the third station of Durkee’s world seminar Tour 2016 after the last three sessions in America, China and India.

The Seminar was successfully held on May.9th as scheduled. Thanks for the strong support of Durkee’s local distributor team and distinguished guests of industrial professionals. The meeting was more active than we expected, questions about the new products was raised continuously until the last minutes we have to leave for the dinner party.

Switching to become the global leading professional fabric air duct and thermal insulation integrated system solution provider with sustainable and robust growth and strong international competitiveness, Durkee is facing the most important turning point in its upgrade courses. Therefore,we keep on innovation to lead the market trends. Two main creations of new products were released during the meeting:


Insusox is a versatile air dispersion system---Superior in all –round performance with 4 outstanding features:
Standardized factory fabrication; On-site installation as finished product; Reliable quality; Quick and easy installation.

Durkeblex is a diversified elastomeric composite thermal insulation material, which stands for the development trend of thermal insulation materials and meets individual needs covering all fields in different industry.
Next station forecast in April:Thailand. Stay tone, there comes more!