Travel around the world with Durkee's trading show 2016---India

2016-04-06 09:34:01

Have you got a New Year resolution for2016? What your map of world tour looks like in this year?

In2016, Durkee is experiencing the most critical turning point in its development course: Switching to become the global leading professional fabric air duct and thermal insulation integrated system solution provider with sustainable and robust growth and strong international competitiveness. Therefore, we made proactive adjustment on global marketing strategy and planed the schedule map for international exhibition carefully.

Let us follow the steps of Durkee’s global tour and share the enchanting landscape along each tour destination on our blueprint.

As a fast-growing emerging economy, the industrial infrastructure in India is expanding rapidly in recent years. Moreover, The HVAC/R industry is going to embrace its booming period. As global leading brand in fabric air duct and thermal insulation industry, we take India as the second station in our international exhibition tour 2016.
Mumbai, India, We are coming!
Date: Feb.25th -27th 2016/ Venue: BCEC, MUMBAI

Yesterday was the open day of the three day's exhibition. With elaborate preparation  and elegant booth design, Durkee were presenting gorgeously as planned.

The round of ACREX displayed 5 innovative products---Insusox, patented composite elastomeric thermal insulation and precisely-controlled air dispersion component in a variety of materials, and regular products--- IRR system and URR system.


As self-innovated new product, Insusox and Durkblex became the focus at the exhibition hall. The incomparable all-round performances attract the keen interest of visitors from worldwide, the visitors spoke highly of technological innovation and product performance after fully knowing about detailed product introduction and case sharing through video and canvas. Admiring its excellent aesthetic appearance and extremely strong practical performance, many owners even ask for solution on their own project application at our stand.
The next station--- Melbourne, Australia, Looking forward to seeing you on May 15th.